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San Diego Half Marathon Recap

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Mesa-Phoenix Marathon Race Weekend

Have you ever run a race and thought to yourself when you finished, “I’m never doing that again!”For me, the marathon was that race.In 2016 I ran the LA Marathon and it was not the experience I had hoped for—I was undertrained (completely my fault!), got injured during the race, had a bloody nose during the race and cried when it was over, not of joy but of frustration and disappointment.I took some time off from running after that race until I started my Run Streak and during 2017 focused on distance and Ultras.But it in the back of my mind, there was always that little voice telling me I needed to redeem myself in a marathon.So a few months ago when my friend Justin asked me if I wanted to run the Mesa-Phoenix Marathon, I said yes. The race was on a Saturday so I decided that I would drive to Arizona on Friday morning, hit up the expo and hang out for the #WeRunSocial meet-up.The weather in Southern California has been a bit odd this winter and I actually had snow on my drive throug…

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