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My Ultra Training Essentials

As week nine of my ultra training nears its finish, I am about a third of the way through my training.  During this time, I’ve discovered a few things that I can’t live without in this new adventure.  Some of these things are things that I’ve used all along, just now with a better appreciation for them.  Some are things I never tried before and am wondering why I waited so long.  I know as I progress in my training, some things will be added to my list of essentials and everyone’s training essentials are different, but right now these are a few of mine.

A Plan
I’ve never trained with a plan and I learned the hard way that having a plan is better.  I ran my first marathon in February and although I did a couple long runs, I didn’t give it the dedication it deserved.  When I decided I wanted to run a 50K, I decided to get a running coach and am working with Jenn from Sole Health and Wellness.  Part of the coaching experience is having a plan—I have a calendar that tells me what mileage to…

Ultra Training: Week Nine

Another week!  I hope you had a wonderful  holiday and am looking forward to the new year.  I’m excited for week ten of my ultra training—registration for the race I will be running opens up on January 1st!  I feel like once I officially register, all this training stuff will get real.  

Here’s how week nine went:

On Sunday, I ran my final half marathon of the year.  You can read about it here.  Spoiler alert—I got a 5 minute PR!

Mondays are an easy run day for me—I have long runs over the weekend, so I use Monday as a recovery run.  My plan was to run early but I slept through my alarms.  I headed to the lake in the afternoon, got in three miles and did some stretching.  

On Tuesday morning, I had an appointment and an errand that took me north of San Diego, which meant I would be near the coast.  I love running in the Del Mar area so took advantage of it and got my six miles in.  The views are gorgeous and it’s one of my favorite places to run.

Another gloomy …

San Diego Holiday Half Recap

After I ran the San Diego Holiday Half Marathon last year, I thought it was a “one and done” race for me.  But two weeks before the race, I gave into my FOMO and registered.  It was the race I PRd at last year and thought maybe I could make that happen again for me.  

Though being called the Holiday Half, the race has been after Christmas the past few years.  This year it was moved up and happened before Christmas—I was excited about this because it was once more chance to wear my ProCompression Ugly Sweater socks.  I picked up my bib on Saturday, then went home and got  everything together.  I was meeting Smitha and Jen in the morning to carpool and didn’t want to be late.  

I woke up Sunday morning ready to run.  Last year I had parked at the start line and took the shuttle back at the end. This year, we were parking at the finish line and taking the shuttle to the start line-- such a better plan!  Once we arrived, we met up with others for pictures and catching up.  Last year it was …

Ultra Training: Week Eight

Week eight of my Ultra Training felt a lot better than week seven.  Two months in and I’m looking forward to increasing my distance-- I am starting to notice a difference in my runs and although I was apprehensive about having a schedule at the beginning of my training, I love it now!

I still wasn’t feeling 100% better from being sick on Saturday and contemplating increasing my mileage since I missed my long run on Saturday.  I decided to stick to my scheduled four miles and made my way down to the harbor to run.  It’s a beautiful place to run and there’s also an ornament shop down there which would be perfect to pick up my ornament for the #WeRunSocial ornament exchange.  So the fours miles were quite productive—I ran the miles, picked up an ornament and even stopped for a donut.  The only thing missing was Jenny and Smitha since I usually run down at the harbor with them!

I started Monday with a 5am run.  Yes, it’s early but it’s also great to start your day with the run. …

Ultra Training: Week Seven

As I sat down to recap week seven of my ultra training, I realized I missed my week six recap.  ‘Tis the season to be busy, so I’ll sum it up briefly for you.

Ultra Training: Week 6
I ran in three states—California, Nevada and Arizona.  Nevada and Arizona were both during the Run Laughlin half marathon—you can read my recap of that race here.  Other than the half marathon, the week was pretty uneventful.  I ran my miles—they didn’t feel great but they didn’t feel bad either.  I suppose some weeks are going to be like that.

Week Six Total Miles: 35

Now on to week 7….

I was still in Nevada for my race weekend and I had a four mile run scheduled.  I knew if I waited to run until after my drive home, I wouldn’t want to do it.  So I woke up early on Sunday and headed to a nature trail recommended to me near my hotel.  It was so quiet out—I only passed one other person.  The nature trail was beautiful and it was fun to get one last Nevada run in before driving home.  (My drive seemed to ta…

Run Laughlin Race Recap

In March, during a weekly #RunChat I won a race entry and weekend hotel stay for the Run Laughlin Half Marathon. (If you’ve never joined a #RunChat, get more information here—it’s always a fun time!) The race is relatively new—this was only the second year, but I was excited.  The race run in two states & in two time zones—the nerd in me was excited to add this to my race experiences.. The race wasn't until December, but suddenly it was nine months later and I was ready to go.  

The race was on a Saturday so I was driving out to Laughlin on Friday. After meeting up with the #RUN619 and Movin’ Shoes for my morning run, I was on my way.  The drive is 5-6 hours and I frankly wasn’t looking forward to it.  I had been monitoring the weather for about a week and it had been showing high winds for the drive—they weren’t lying!  The drive ended up being pretty uneventful and I arrived in Laughlin with plenty of time to hit up the expo and explore a bit.

After checking into my hotel, I h…

Ultra Training: Week Five

Week Five of my Ultra Training was definitely an eye opener for me.  I learned some lessons and I’m grateful that I’m still in the beginning stages of my training. 

I learned that I need to eat better—not only am I feeling it on the scale, but also on my runs.  I’ve been indulging since my Disney weekend and I need to get back to eating better.  I also learned that I need to add cross training and hill training more consistently on my schedule—as much as I run, I still feel out of shape.  It’s frustrating to know that you are capable of more, but can’t quite get there.  But the miles are done for week five and I know that with a few adjustments on my training outlook, the upcoming weeks of training are going to be awesome.

Sunday called for a short run—I woke up later than I had wanted, but I was able to get my run in.  Sometimes the runs aren’t good or bad—they just are.  This was one of those runs, but the miles were done and that was ultimately what mattered.

It doesn’t ra…

Coronado Turkey Trot Recap

Last Thanksgiving I ran my first turkey trot and I knew it was something I wanted to do again this year.  I am fortunate to live somewhere that offers several so after some research, I decided to run the Coronado Turkey Trot.  From my research, I could tell that it would be a small race but it was in Coronado so I knew it would be a pretty run and it benefited Rady Children’s Hospital which is a great benefactor of the race proceeds.

I woke up Thanksgiving morning with the plan of getting down to the race area early—although they had two pre-race packet pick-ups, I opted for race day pick-up.  The race is a 5K but I had a few more miles to get in on my training plan so I decided I would run them before the Turkey Trot.  Arriving early would also help with parking since the race had limited parking available.  

When I arrived to the park where the race was starting nothing was set-up yet.  Cars were still being unloaded and I saw no sign of a start or finish line.  I wasn’t too concerned…

What I Do When I'm Not Running on a runDisney Weekend

I’ve lived in Southern California most of my life and going to Disneyland was something I grew up with.  I’m always a little surprised when someone tells me, “I’ve never been to Disneyland.”  Because of where I live, I have an annual pass and I try to get there as often as I can.  Some of my visits correspond with runDisney race weekends and I always try to get some of my favorite things in while I’m there.

Everyone’s approach to Disneyland is different and I will admit I am not of those people who needs to “ride all the rides.”  As much as I love the rides, I am equally as happy just walking around enjoying all the little things that Disneyland has to offer.  On my recent runDisney weekend, I experienced a few things I don’t normally for and took some time to do a couple of my favorites.  So whether you’re headed to Disneyland for a day or a week, here’s a few things I would recommend doing.  

Character Breakfast

There are a couple Disneyland hotel properties that offer a character brea…