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Friday Favorites

Can you believe it's Friday- where did this week go?!  This week has gone by fast, but I still had time to enjoy some of my new favorite things.


Earlier this year, it became harder to find my favorite energy gel.  I began my quest to find my new favorite but wasn't having much luck.  I discovered Glukos at Rock N Roll San Diego-- they are the official energy provider for the race series and had an awesome deal at the race expo, so I gave it a try. It was love at first try!  I don't like to try anything new on race day, so I used it on training runs.  It was doing exactly what I needed it to do.  It officially became "my gel" during America's Finest City Half Marathon.  If you haven't tried it before, check out all their products at Glukos.  Still hot where you live?  A little secret I learned from Jenny-- freeze the gels before your run.  It becomes a slushy treat perfect for warmer temperatures.  

Impromptu Trips to Disneyland

I am a planner-- if I w…

America's Finest City Half Marathon Recap

Earlier in the year I ran the Carlsbad Half Marathon and the La Jolla Half Marathon-- both races are part of the Triple Crown race series, so it seemed silly not to run the final race, America's Finest City Half Marathon.  I had never run AFC, but all I'd ever heard about it is that it's hot and there's a hill at mile 11. 

Packet pick-up was either Friday or Saturday before the race-- I took an impromptu trip to Disneyland on Friday, so headed to the expo on Saturday.  (They do offer a race day pick-up for a fee). I didn't spend a lot of time at the expo-- getting the bib and shirt were easy.  They also give you a nice reusable shopping bag which I like.  I took a quick look at the expo-- there was a good representation of vendors and if I had more time, I would have definitely checked out a few of the booths.  

This year's race had an earlier start time than previous years-- I'm one of those runners who loves early race starts, so I was happy with this.  The…

Let's Go Streaking!

In the middle of May, I saw a post on Instagram that talked about #StreakingWithTheCOOLKIDS.  A  fun challenge for the month of June, hosted by @PinkCupcakeGirl, the idea was to run or walk at least one mile for every day during the month of June.  I had other friends who were going to participate, so I thought "why not?"  I honestly didn't anticipate making it the whole month-- I thought I'd get through about a week and then life would take over.

Guess what-- life didn't take over.  I ran at least one mile every day in June (I actually started my streak on May 31st).  Before this streak, I had never reached the 100 mile total for a month-- in June I ran 126.2 miles.  And when June ended, I continued.  I ran ever day during the month of July and ended the month running a total of 140 miles.  

It is now August and I am now on day 71 of my run streak.  I not only made it through June, but I haven't stopped.  For the past 71 days, I have run at least one mile ever…

Balboa Park 8 Miler Recap

A couple months ago, Carlee McDot hosted a giveaway for a race entry into the Balboa Park 8 Miler race.  It's a local race that I've always wanted to do so I was beyond excited when I won.  
The Balboa Park 8 Miler is San Diego's oldest consecutive race, this year being their 62nd year.  I've heard that it's always a though course, but this year they had changed the course and I wasn't really sure what to expect.  I didn't look at the course map prior to the race, but had convinced myself it would be a hard run.  I had been warned of the trails and the hills, so this is what I was mentally preparing myself for.
The week up to the race, I had convinced myself the race was on Sunday, so that's what I was mentally prepared for.  On Thursday, I finally realized it was on Saturday.  Packet pick-up was Friday afternoon but honestly the time frame would have had me stuck in traffic coming and going so I was glad they also offered race day pick up.  
I woke up rea…