Saturday, January 23, 2016

Carlsbad Half Marathon

If you run in San Diego, you're aware of the "Triple Crown" race event-- you earn the Crown by running the Carlsbad Half/Full Marathon, La Jolla Half and America's Finest City Half Marathon.  Due to race schedule conflicts in 2015, I wasn't able to earn the Crown so I was excited when I realized I would be able to do it in 2016.  

The day started early-- I was meeting up with Erika and Smitha to run a few miles before the race (We were aiming for 20 miles that day) Erika was gracious enough to wake up early and run with us even though she wasn't running the event.  She also met us after the race to run back to her house.  

Smitha and Erika

ProCompression's Sock of the Month with Smitha and Linzie

Off to the start

But first, let's take a selfie.....

And we were off.  I went into the race thinking I might actually be able to PR.  Then something happened-- I'm not sure when it was, but I hit a wall.  And I hit it hard.  The race course was beautiful and the company was awesome, but I just didn't have it in me.  And I struggled.  But the fun was still had.  And look at those views!

One race down, two to go. 

After the race, I will admit that I was disappointed.  I had let myself down and I felt like I had let other people down.  Looking back, I know that idea is silly.  It took me several days to recover-- I honestly think I increased my training too much in a short period of time as I prepare for the LA Marathon.  It was a humbling lesson to learn.  I've taken a week to rest and recover-- though it's been hard not to run, I appreciate the run so much more now.  

Have you ever been disappointed after a race?  What did you do to recover from that?

Until next time, happy running.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Virtual Runs: Yay or Nay?

It seems that lately there are more and more virtual runs taking place, whether attached to a "live" race or through a virtual race company.  I've run a few and here are my thoughts:

I Ran Rock N Roll's First Virtual Run

What is a virtual race?
A virtual race is a race that takes place any time you want it to-- some have specific distances attached to them and some leave the distance up to the runner.  They can take place on a specific day or happen over a time period (usually a week or two).  After you've completed the run, you post your information on the run's website and you're done.

What do you get?
Like live runs, every virtual run is different.  Some send you a bib, a shirt and medal.  Some give you the option of what you want to get.  Some of the race bibs are downloadable, while others are sent via mail.  Virtual races usually have a theme and can be a fun way to get fun medals.  I'm a Harry Potter fan, so I love the Harry Potter themed virtual runs of the Hogwarts Running Club.  

Why do it?
Every runner has their own reason for running virtual races.  One of the reasons I like them is for the bling-- I won't lie, I like bling.  Virtual races also help with my training schedule-- when I'm signed up for races, I tend to train more.  So they are motivational for me.  I also like that you can participate in races when you don't live in the city the race is in.  For example, San Diego's Finish Chelsea's Run has a virtual option for their 5K.  (get more information here: Finish Chelsea's Run )  It can be a great way to give back and participate in events with your running friends, no matter where they are.  

What are the cons?
For me, the only con of a virtual race is that there aren't other runners running with you (unless you run them with a group of friends) and you don't get the satisfaction of running across a finish line. 

What are your thoughts?  Have you participated in a virtual run?

Until next time, Happy Running.

Monday, January 4, 2016

It's a New Year: 2016 Goals

As I look back on 2015, I try to remember what goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year and I know they all focused on numbers: run a 8 minute mile, lose 10 pounds, etc...  Although I was able to make a few of those goals, I discovered that having such concrete goals (especially in regards to running times) was more frustrating than helpful.  That frustration got in my head, which had a negative impact on some of my goals.  So for 2016, I've decided to do something a little different.  So here they are, in no particular order:

Meet More People
I was fortunate to meet some awesome people in 2015 through social media and I'm looking forward to meeting even more in 2016.  I even have a few "running selfies" that I'm hoping to get with people this year (for now, the people will remain nameless, but I will definitely be all about it when it happens!) 

Run Happy

In 2015, for most of my races, I was worried about the time.  "Get the PR," "run it under this time," etc.  So instead of having fun and enjoying the races as much as I could have, I paid more attention to my watch.  During the later half of the year, I abandoned some of my goals and just had fun with my races.  And you know what happened- I PRd my last half.  So instead of worrying about my time, I going to worry about having fun.  My next half marathon has a beautiful course along the ocean and I plan on enjoying every 13.1 mile of it!

Run a Marathon

Before the end of 2016, I will run a marathon.  I am currently signed up to run the LA Marathon in February-- due to some recent changes in my life, that may not be possible.  So if it doesn't happen in February, I will make it happen before the year is over.

Run a Trail Race

I love to run.  I love to hike.  I want to experience the best of both worlds!  I have friends who love trail running and it does look like a blast!  I will admit to being a little nervous about it-- I worry that I might trip on a rock or miss a step and end up on my face.  I realize that's a risk with any run, but the risks seem heightened on the trails.  In 2016, I'm not going to let those nerves stop me.  I'm fortunate enough to live in an area that has beautiful trails and I can't wait to experience them.

Those are my goals for now.  I'm sure I'll come up with more as the year progresses.  We're only 4 days in, so I have a little time :)

What are your goals for 2016?

Until next time, happy running!!

Ultra Runner Crate

A few weeks ago, I went on Instagram to see if anyone I knew has tried the Ultra Runner Crate subscription box.  I was intrigued at the idea...