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Race Day Essentials

In a few days, I'll be heading north for the Disneyland Half Marathon weekend. I'm looking forward to miles of magic and fun.  I can't wait to see some of my running friends that I've met at other races. I've made my "packing spreadsheet" and will start the packing tonight. 
When I run races, there are a few products that I consider "Race Day Essentials" and they're the first things that make it into my luggage. 

KT Tape

I have an old foot injury that occasionally flares up when I over-do it.  KT Tape is my go-to for extra support and prevention.  I know the jury is still out on whether KT Tape actually works-- I am not a medical professional and can't say one way or another.  I know for me, it helps remind me to run with the right form, therefore helping prevent the injury from happening again.  I also loves that it comes in so many colors and I can color coordinate it with my "race look."  They even had a tape to go with my Disn…

Raindrops on Roses, Whiskers on Kittens, Sparkles on Headbands??

My hair has always been a point of contention for me-- I wasn't blessed with the thick, voluminous hair that the other women in my family had.  After a few failed attempts with perms (anyone remember the fun spiral perms of the 90s?!?) I decided to embrace the straight, fine hair that I had.  This meant when I wanted to wear a ponytail, I used 10 or more bobby-pins and so much hairspray and cross my fingers that the ponytail would last more than two hours.  This wasn't a problem before I started running-- I didn't wear my hair up a lot.  But after I started running?  My hair in a ponytail became the norm.

Then something magical happened!  I discovered Sparkly Soul Inc. Headbands!

The first one I purchased was a Satin Wide version-- they debuted it at Rock N Roll San Diego.  I didn't run that race, but I loved the colors and I love San Diego, so I ordered it. It was even prettier in person.  I was impressed from the start-- not only did the company claim that they would s…

End of Summer 4-Mile Run: Recap

At the beginning of this year, I decided I wanted to run some type of organized run every month.  I tend to focus & train better when I'm signed up for a run and I can't lie-- I really like the medals. 
By the second week of August, I realized I didn't have a run scheduled, so after a short internet search, I stumbled upon the End of Summer 4 Mile Run, which would take me from La Jolla to Pacific Beach. After a few keyboard clicks, I was officially signed up.

Packet pick-up took place on the Saturday before the race at a the Backyard Kitchen & Tap in PB.  Although I'm not a fan of the parking (or lack of) in PB, I made my way down there about an hour into the pick-up.  It was easy to find, clearly set-up and quick-- my favorite kind of packet pick-up.  A big thank you to the volunteers who made that happen.

I woke up the next morning ready to run.  I did all my pre-race rituals and drove to La Jolla to find the start line. I didn't anticipate finding parking a…