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Hip Hop Run Recap

Earlier in the week, I made a last minute decision to sign up for the Hip Hop run—I had five miles on my training schedule and thought it would be fun to get my training miles in and get a medal for it.  I found out a few of my friends were also running it, so that made it even better.

The Hip Hop Run is a new race series—so new that the San Diego event would only  be their second one (the first having been in San Jose.). With new races, the expectations aren’t as high and I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  After checking out their social media pages, I knew at the very least, I would have fun.  Anything on top of that would be a bonus.  This race has two distance options, a 5K or a 10K.  I ran the 10K.

After running this race, I would say that it has the potential to be an awesome event—there was some things that we done right and some things that have some definite room for improvement.  

In my opinion, some of the things they did well were:

Packet Pick-Up
They had two packet pick-up …

Ultra Training Week Fourteen

This was an interesting week-- I went from running in full rain gear to running in shorts and a tank.  I definitely struggled this week and I need to work on getting "out of my head."  As physical of a sport that running is, there are definitely times when it more mental than anything else.  This was one of those weeks for me.  

After my long run on Saturday, I was feeling pretty good and headed out for a few miles.  It was still overcast and gloomy, but I brought my own sunshine with all the colors.  It wasn’t my best run, but it wasn’t my worst.

I headed out early afternoon in chase of three miles.  I just couldn’t get my head into the game.  It was another rainy day run and I think the rain was putting me in a funk.  This run felt like more effort than it should have.  (It was so bad, I didn’t even take pictures of it) It was such a struggle, that I stopped after a mile and decided to make this my rest day.  

The rain had finally stopped, but I was still i…

Ultra Training: Week Thirteen

Week lucky number thirteen of my ultra training brought more miles in the rain than I have ever run, but it also brought my highest weekly mileage to date.  I’m feeling pushed and challenged, but I know that the things that are worth it won’t always be easy.  Here’s how my week went:

I started week thirteen of my training with the Carlsbad Half Marathon. It definitely wasn’t the race I wanted.  Around mile eight, my whole body started to cramp and these weren’t just leg cramps I could shake out.  My back muscles were cramping with my leg muscles—it was enough to make me stop for a medic and get some salt.  Then somewhere around mile nine, I received a text message relaying some bad news to me.  I generally don’t look at my texts during a race, but I had my phone out because I had been texting friends once I started cramping—I was very close to pulling out of the race and their encouragement and support is what got me through the last few miles.  (Their first priority was my safet…

Ultra Training: Week Twelve

Someone recently told me that I shouldn’t build my life around running, rather build running around my life.  (I am paraphrasing and they said it much better than I am). Week twelve of my Ultra Training was definitely an example of how life was busier than I had anticipated and my running was definitely impacted because of it.  This week’s recap is a little different—a little more general in how the week went with a few pictures.  I’ll be back next week with my day by day recap.

I knew going into the week, my mileage would be impacted due to a last minute race I decided to run.  Because of the race, my typical Saturday long run got switched with Sunday’s mile—this meant that I was supposed to run five miles on Saturday.  Midweek, I decided to go up to Disneyland on Saturday and would be leaving early so I could support my friends who were running the Star Wars 10K.  Did I run five mile on Saturday? No.  Do I regret it? No.  Sometimes you have to make a choice and on Saturday, I chose t…

Ultra Training: Week Eleven

Week eleven of my ultra training began with the start of new year, which meant a time for new goals and new beginnings.  I’m not a big fan of making resolutions so I went into week eleven with the goal of getting through week eleven.  I’ve decided that by taking it a week at a time, the idea of running a 50K won’t seem as overwhelming.  My weekly mileage increased this week and this is how it went:

Sunday’s miles were a combination of running and urban hiking.  I met up with a group from San Diego’s Moms Run This Town to do the Seven bridges hike in San Diego.  It was a fun adventure and I ended up with seven miles this day—seems pretty fitting since there are seven bridges.  If you’ve never done the seven bridges hike, you should.  It’s a fun way to explore San Diego.

Another meeting of the #5amRunClub started off my day.  It’s a great way to start the week—this week we added a little bit of hill training.  As much as I dislike hills, it was definitely great to have the sup…

Ultra Training: Week Ten

It’s official—I have registered for my first 50K.  I am just as excited as I am nervous and know that my training is definitely real now.  I have a 110 days to get it together.  This is how week ten went:

After Christmas Eve’s lackluster run, I was hoping today would be better.  I debated between increasing my mileage to make up for the lack of miles on Saturday or to stick with my plan.  I stuck with my plan.  It was a beautiful day and it was fun to see all the families out at the lake enjoying themselves.  

I’ve been running on Monday mornings with a group of friends, calling ourselves the #5amRunClub.  Due the holiday, we slept in and met at 6am for our run. We ran down to the harbor in San Diego and made it just in time for a beautiful sunrise over the city.  

Tuesday’s run was a fun 5K—the Bumblebee 5K or Holiday Bowl 5K.  It was a small race that started fifteen minutes  before the Holiday Bowl Parade that went down the parade route and finished up at a  great v…