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Runner's High and Runner's Lows

Two weeks ago, I ran in my first RunDisney event, an event that I had been looking forward to for months.  When it was over, I had my runner's high for a few days.  It's the best feeling that can't be explained.  If you run, you know exactly what I'm talking about.  And then it happened-- my post race blues.  

I stared at my running shoes and found so many excuses not to put them on-- it was too hot, I was tired, I had laundry to do, I should take my dogs for a walk, I should clean...... These were things I normally avoided so I could run.  And now here I was doing these things so I didn't "have to run."  This lasted for a few days until I finally made myself put the shoes on and go for a run.  (And getting some new running gear definitely helped-- who doesn't love new gear?!)

And I ran.  It wasn't pretty.  It wasn't fast.  It wasn't far.  But still, I ran.  And then I ran again the next day and again the day after.  Finally, I found my &quo…

Aloha Run Recap

When I started my running journey, the Aloha Run was the first official run that I participated in.  This morning, I ran it for the third time.  Although not my favorite race, it is certainly a special race for me because it's my race anniversary.  

What Worked

- It's San Diego and it's beautiful.  Taking place in Mission Bay, it is a pretty course. 

- It's fun to see everyone dressed in their Aloha Spirit, from grass skirts, to traditional dance attire, every runner's outfit tells a story.

- The one course entertainment is better than most.  There are several Hawaiian bands and dance groups on the course.  And because it's an out and back course, you get to experience them twice!

- The "expo" area with booths and entertainment is good for this small race.  They have more to offer than most larger races.  

- The volunteers were amazing!  From the water stations to cheering us on, I appreciate all that they do.

 - The bling.  The medal for this race is fun-- …

Disneyland Half Marathon Recap

After running the Disneyland 10K, I was ready for the Half Marathon event on Sunday! It was another early wake-up call, with the race starting at 5:30am.  The pre-race festivities were so much fun-- there was almost a fight between good and evil!  Thank goodness all the characters realized they need to work together! 
After the pre-race show, I headed over to my corral and waited for the race to begin.  Disney doesn't do anything small and this morning's National Anthem was awesome and included fireworks!  And then we were off and running.

The Half Marathon starts in the parks-- once again we started in California Adventure.  Seeing the World of Color without all the crowds was awesome! After we made our way through California Adventure, we went into Disneyland.  It was fun to see more "behind the scenes" action and the course support was awesome.  RunDisney also did an awesome job with hydration stations and crowd control at the stations.  A big THANK YOU to all the v…

Disneyland 10K Recap

After months of anticipation, the moment had finally arrived for me to run my first RunDisney event.  And it arrived with an early wake-up call!  To make sure the runners are out of the park before they open, the races start at 5:30am.  I arrived to the pre-race area around 4:30am and had a great time people watching-- I definitely got some ideas for some costumes for future races.  I was running with Team Lemon, supporting Alex's Lemonade Stand, for this event so I was wearing my team shirt.  I paired it with an awesome Sparkle Athletic Skirt and my favorite ProCompression socks.  
When it was time, I found my way to my corral.  As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I was excited to see an ASL interpreter for all the start line festivities.  I was impressed with the prompt race start-- it's frustrating when you plan hydration, bathroom breaks & such around a start time and the race starts late.  5:30am came the runners were off!  (After a very odd rendition of the Nation…

Disneyland Half Marathon Expo Recap

When the morning arrived for me to drive up to the Disneyland Half Marathon, I was beyond excited.  I had been waiting to run a RunDisney event since I started running and this weekend did not disappoint!  My first stop of the weekend-- the Health and Fitness Expo.

I arrived in Anaheim shortly after 8:00am and used my Annual Pass to explore the parks a bit before heading towards the Disneyland Hotel, where the Expo was located.  Once I arrived at the hotel, I had to decide what to do-- I had heard stories about the wait for the official RunDisney merchandise, so I decided to wait in line there first.  After about an hour wait, they let us in a little earlier than the official expo start time.  I picked up a few items-- I loved it all and definitely could have spent a fortune here.  I could understand why people lined up for this merchandise.  Once I was done shopping to official merchandise, I headed down to Packet Pick-Up.

Packet Pick-Up was located away from the expo, under the hotel.…