Monday, August 31, 2015

Race Day Essentials

In a few days, I'll be heading north for the Disneyland Half Marathon weekend. I'm looking forward to miles of magic and fun.  I can't wait to see some of my running friends that I've met at other races. I've made my "packing spreadsheet" and will start the packing tonight. 
When I run races, there are a few products that I consider "Race Day Essentials" and they're the first things that make it into my luggage. 

KT Tape

I have an old foot injury that occasionally flares up when I over-do it.  KT Tape is my go-to for extra support and prevention.  I know the jury is still out on whether KT Tape actually works-- I am not a medical professional and can't say one way or another.  I know for me, it helps remind me to run with the right form, therefore helping prevent the injury from happening again.  I also loves that it comes in so many colors and I can color coordinate it with my "race look."  They even had a tape to go with my Disney look this weekend!


My go-to for hydration, pre and post race, is Nuun.  I don't like the taste, or lack of, of water.  Hydration is definitely a big challenge for me.  The subtle flavors of Nuun help.  I've tried some other brands and though there are some good ones out there, Nuun is still my go-to.


I've tried 3 different GPS watches and the Forerunner 220 is my favorite.  If I don't have it on when I'm running, I don't feel quite right.  I've even worn it when I've forgotten to charge it, just so I could feel it on my wrist.  I pair it with my Garmin VivoFit 2, which tracks my steps and other activity throughout the day.  I wear my VivoFit 2 all the time and have 12 different bands so I can coordinate with my running clothes and my non-running clothes.  I love that the option of function also has the option of fashion-- that doesn't always happen with fitness gadgets.  When I find a product I like, I tend to be brand loyal.  I have found that with Garmin.  Not only do I love their products, but they are very engaging with their users on social media and to me, that shows their level of appreciation for their consumers.

So those of three of my race day essentials-- what are some of yours?

Until next time, happy running!

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