Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Cold Weather Running Advice?

It looks like Fall has finally found its way to San Diego and has brought cooler temperatures with it.  Cooler weather definitely impacts my runs, especially in the mornings. So how do I adapt-- I'm someone who is used to running in skirts and tanks.  I tend to get hot, even with short sleeves on. But I freeze pre-run and post-run.  Now that it's cooler when I run, I need to find a way to adjust.

I know a lot of runners layer, but what do you do when you need to remove the layers?  I don't like to carry extra bulk with me, so I'm not sure what I would do once I remove my long sleeves or extra running pants.  

I will admit, that I am weather spoiled, which means my cooler weather is 50-60 degrees.  I've seen the charts on what is recommended wear for the various temperatures-- I can't even imagine running in temperatures below zero.  I admire all runners who truly know what it's like to run in cold weather.

Any advice on how to adapt my running apparel to these cooler Souther California temperatures?

Until next time, happy running!

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  1. We don't get crazy cold weather here in Florida either. So, normally our winter is a layer or two on average. But yeah, carrying those layers once you shed them can be a pain.


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