Saturday, January 28, 2017

Ultra Training Week Fourteen

This was an interesting week-- I went from running in full rain gear to running in shorts and a tank.  I definitely struggled this week and I need to work on getting "out of my head."  As physical of a sport that running is, there are definitely times when it more mental than anything else.  This was one of those weeks for me.  

After my long run on Saturday, I was feeling pretty good and headed out for a few miles.  It was still overcast and gloomy, but I brought my own sunshine with all the colors.  It wasn’t my best run, but it wasn’t my worst.

I headed out early afternoon in chase of three miles.  I just couldn’t get my head into the game.  It was another rainy day run and I think the rain was putting me in a funk.  This run felt like more effort than it should have.  (It was so bad, I didn’t even take pictures of it) It was such a struggle, that I stopped after a mile and decided to make this my rest day.  

The rain had finally stopped, but I was still in my running funk.  Nothing felt right.  The only bright side of this run was the amazing clouds that were out when I went running.  I have loved clouds since I was a little girl and I am always in awe when there is good cloudage.  

The rain and clouds were finally gone—we had sunshine!  I can’t even explain how happy I was.  I headed out to the trails to get a few miles in and it felt amazing!  Nothing helps a funk like sunshine and dirt under your feet.

My speed work day—I have a love/hate relationship with these runs.  I know they are helpful, but I am still struggling to find the right paces for me.  I went down to the bay and it was another beautiful day, so I ran at the pace that felt right.  But that ended up being too fast to start with, which isn’t helpful if I’m burning out the first few miles.  But I will continue to work on it.  

I started my morning with the #RUN619—I had missed the past two week and I didn’t realize how much I missed this group!  It’s a great way to start my day and these are always good runs.  

Eighteen miles scheduled for this run.  Eighteen miles didn’t happen.  I can’t pinpoint exactly where it went wrong, I just know that it did.  I fell- twice.  I ran out of hydration and fuel.  I had dizzy spells.  Simply put, I was a hot mess.  Around mile eleven, I decided I needed to listen to my body and my body was telling me to stop. I was frustrated and disappointed—there were tears.  But I also knew that pushing myself could make it worse for me in the long run.  I am struggling to find the right fuel for my longer runs and I suspect this was part of problem during this run—I ate after my run and almost immediately felt better.  Later in the day, I went to a local running store and picked up some different fuels to try.  I’m hoping to find the right balance in the next couple of weeks so that I don’t have a repeat of today's run.  

Total Weekly Miles: 37.5

Do you ever get in your head when you run?  How do you deal with it?

Until next time, happy running. 

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