Monday, May 15, 2017

The Lululemon Test Truck Experience

I don’t own any Lululemon, but I’ve been told by my friends who love the brand that once you try it, you won’t want to wear any other brand. Earlier this year, I heard about their #MoreThanMiles tour that took #TheTestTruck to different cities so that people could do just that- test the Lululemon.  I was excited when I learned it would be coming to San Diego and quickly started following their Facebook page so I could stay up to date on the stops they would be making while they were here.

Setting up the truck.

When a group of friends that run early every Monday morning learned that the truck would be near their normal running spot from 6:00am-8:00am, I decided to join them.  We met up at 4:55am for a short run then came over to the Lululemon Test Truck to get in line.

What is the Test Truck?
It’s exactly what it sounds like—it’s a truck where you get to try out a piece of Lululemon gear.  While you're there, you can also test out a pair of APL shoes which I heard were super comfy and light. (I opted out of the shoe test) 


What Do You Get? 

When we arrived, after getting an brief introduction we were given the options of a short sleeve shirt, a long sleeve shirt, shorts or a pair of crops.  (I don't know if the items change at the various stops)   This is when I had an internal debate with myself-- I couldn't decide between the shorts or the crops.  How do you choose when you've heard great things about both?  After giving it some thought I decided that as much as I want to try their shorts, I know that I'm picky when it comes to my running shorts and decided I would get more use out of the crops. (I still want to try their shorts but today the crops won.)  The person helping us was really great about explaining their sizing since it was all new to me and making sure I would be trying on the right size. One we received our item, there was a portable fitting room for us to change that included cubbies for us to store the clothes we were changing out of.  After you changed, another Lululemon expert made sure the fit was right and sent us on our way to the treadmill.  

The Treadmill

I am not a treadmill runner-- I can't even remember the last time I was on a treadmill so I was convinced I would become one of those memes that shows someone flying off the treadmill.  When we entered the truck we were given the option of "walk, jog or run."  After a brief explanation of where I could adjust my speed, the treadmill was started and I was ready for my two minute test.  During the run, you get to watch an inspirational video featuring runners in Lululemon gear.  The two minutes went by quickly, but it was definitely a fun experience.  I was just excited I didn't fall off! 

The Test

When I first put on the Pace Rival crop on, they were comfortable right away.  My legs are longer and I have a shorter torso so I sometimes have fit issues with the rise in crops.  These were perfect and the fit was good-- snug but not tight, just how they should be.  And the side leg pockets are my new favorite thing!  It's hard to give a full review after two minutes so I decided to do another short run on my way home followed by some stretching exercises.  I love these crops-- they were comfortable and I didn't have any issues with them falling down during my run and stretching.  Now I understand my friends who have told me you won't want to wear other brands after trying Lululemon.

Such a great start to the day!

I had a great experience with the Test Truck and think everyone should definitely check it out.  I scored and awesome pair of crops and everyone was so friendly & helpful.  This was the perfect way to experience my first piece of Lululemon gear and I suspect there will be more added in the future.

If you're in San Diego, they will be here until June 4th.  Follow their Facebook page to stay up to date on the locations.  Not in San Diego?  Check out the rest of their tour stops here.

Have you worn Lululemon?  What's your favorite piece of gear?  Have you been to the Test Truck?

Until next time, happy running.

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