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Let's Go Streaking!

In the middle of May, I saw a post on Instagram that talked about #StreakingWithTheCOOLKIDS.  A  fun challenge for the month of June, hosted by @PinkCupcakeGirl, the idea was to run or walk at least one mile for every day during the month of June.  I had other friends who were going to participate, so I thought "why not?"  I honestly didn't anticipate making it the whole month-- I thought I'd get through about a week and then life would take over.

Guess what-- life didn't take over.  I ran at least one mile every day in June (I actually started my streak on May 31st).  Before this streak, I had never reached the 100 mile total for a month-- in June I ran 126.2 miles.  And when June ended, I continued.  I ran ever day during the month of July and ended the month running a total of 140 miles.  

I'm lucky to have amazing views when I run.

It is now August and I am now on day 71 of my run streak.  I not only made it through June, but I haven't stopped.  For the past 71 days, I have run at least one mile every day.  Some of the miles have been run solo.  Some have been run with friends.  Some have been run in races (three half marathons, a 12K and an 8 miler).  Some have been run in groups.  Not every mile has been easy, not every mile has been fast, but every mile has been run-- one step at a time.

I love my Friday #RUN619 run group!

My run streak has taught me lessons I never anticipated from running.  I realized that "having no time" was an excuse I used to frequently-- I can find 10 minutes a day to run a mile.  I am strong- even on the days I was tired, my legs still carried me and when my legs struggled, my heart took over. I also learned that the running community rocks-- I've encountered more runners in the past 71 days and it's awesome to see other people out there doing what they love and I never grow tired of the "runners wave" and smile.

The biggest lesson that I've learned is that I love to run. I had become stagnant in my running and I had forgotten that love.  For people that don't run, I will never to be able to fully explain it.  For people who run, you get it.  When people talk about a "runner's high," it definitely is a real thing.             

Truth be told, most of the people in my life don't understand why I'm streaking, but I also have a great support group of runners who do.   I have such great admiration for other streakers-- for the runners who have run for days, week, months and even years.  I don't know when my streak will end-- my plan right now is to get to 100 days and see how I feel.  I suspect the first day I don't run will be a challenge, more mentally than physically.  Until then, I'm going to keep on running.  

Have you ever streaked?  

Until next time, happy running!


  1. I am so proud and impressed! Glad to have been there for some of those miles!


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