Thursday, October 20, 2016

Adventure Awaits--Jenn13.1 to 50K

I love to run.  If someone asks, "Do you want to go for a run,?" I don't hesitate to reply with a giant "Yes!"  I love what it has done for my health, I love the amazing people I've met through running and I love the way it challenges me.  Yet, even with all this love, I was beginning to miss the level of excitement I used to have with running.  I was increasing my pace and increasing my distance, but something was missing.  

Too early for holiday themed memes?!
When I started my Run Streak this summer, some of my runs included "new to me" places, many of which were trails.  I loved the trails and had a blast every time I ran them.  I was also watching the journeys of my friends who were training for ultra races and it intrigued me.  I did some research and thought about it-- I decided I wanted to run an Ultra.  I finally found something that got me excited about running. 

Running the trails of Mount Laguna.
After looking at Ultra races next year and talking to some people about various races, I have decide to run the Leona Divide 50K in April 2017.  One of my biggest downfalls when I ran my first marathon (and only) was that I did not properly train.  I am changing that for this new adventure and will be working with Jenn from Sole Health and Wellness.  I've worked with her in the past and she is great at what she does-- she's tough enough to get me to do the work but not so tough that I dread doing it.  That is exactly what I need.  She's also run ultras so she will not only have the knowledge of all her credentials but also from her experience.  She just ran her first 100K-- how awesome is that?!

With Jenn and Smitha before the LA Marathon. 
I don't expect this experience to be easy but I'm excited about it.  If I'm being completely honest, I have some "fears" about it, primarily seeing critters on the trails or falling. But I've decided that my dreams are bigger than my fears and I can't wait for April.  

My training officially starts on Sunday, October 23rd.  I'm looking forward to sharing my journey with you as I go from Jenn13.1 to 50K.

Have you ever run an ultra?  Any advice for a newbie?

Until next time, happy running.



  1. Jenn is awesome and so are you! YFGT!

  2. It must be the name that makes us so awesome ;). Thank you for your encouragement and support!!


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