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Ultra Training: Week One

Last week I posted about my new adventure—training for my first 50K.  After talking to my coach, Jenn from Sole Health and Wellness, she came up with a plan to get me there.  I officially started training on Sunday.  Here’s how the first week of my ultra training went

The Saturday prior to my official training start, I was scheduled to run a 5K.  I ended running longer than I planned that day, so after consulting with Jenn, my scheduled mileage was shortened a bit.  After my run, I was extremely grateful for that—I hadn’t slept well the night before and every mile felt like a struggle.  

Monday was a short run, but after purchasing a pair of Altra trail shoes, I took to the trails to get my feet dirty.  I was still a bit tired and my leg is still a bit from my fall a couple weeks ago, but the run felt pretty good.  I did some stretching and foam rolling when I got home—that definitely helped.

Tuesday was shorter run than Monday and turned into #Runch with Smitha down by the harbor.  We explored a new route and had fun seeing different parts of San Diego.  

Wednesday’s schedule was similar to Monday’s, but for some reason I struggled.  Big time.  I ended up running a mile less than scheduled—I was disappointed but also knew I had to listen to my body.  I have a half in a few days and didn’t want to overdue it prior to the weekend.

Another easy mileage day and I was definitely feeling better today.  After my run, I incorporated some strength exercises into my workout.  I’ve decided that during this training process, I don’t just want to become a better runner, but also a stronger runner.

Friday runs are always fun because I start my day with the #Run619.  This week’s run was  Halloween themed and included prizes. (I won a gift card for Heartwork Coffee Bar!). I ran at an easy pace and it felt pretty good.

Saturday’s plan was 1-2 miles and I had time for just that.  I was leaving for Rock N Roll Los Angeles early that morning and with all the last minute packing, I found myself running close to home.  I got in an easy paced 1.5 miles and then I was on the road. 

Total Weekly Mileage: 17.71 

Overall the week went pretty well—I realize it’s the first week, but I’m feeling good about the entire process.  The biggest challenge for me is having a schedule of mileage.  I’ve always just gone out for a run and ran what felt good.  This is my lowest mileage week in a while, but I am trusting in the process.  The structure of having a training plan takes some getting used to, but I’m excited.  I know that once I incorporate more mileage and different type of of runs into the training, I will be so glad that I have a plan.  

To help keep track of my runs and how I felt during/after them, I’ve started using my Believe Training Journal.  It’s proving to be a great tool, helping me look at what could have made a run better and what mileage I’m getting in.  

How do you train for a big run—with a plan of do you just wing it?

Until next time, happy running.



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